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Sept 23, 2014
Powerful Choices


Each day you have on earth is a precious gift. Your body is the vehicle that chauffeurs your Spirit through the experiences of your human life. Nurture your Spirit with positive thoughts and energies. Be kind, be gentle, be compassionate. Be thankful.


Give to, share with and empower all who cross your path each chance you receive.


Do this for yourself as well. Crush negative thoughts and emotions. Eradicate the memes that have taken root in your mind. You control what you think - you control how you perceive each circumstance.


Feed your body perfect nourishment by eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables each day. Enable yourself to thrive with a plant-based diet designed exclusively for each and every one of your living cells. It is what nature intended.


Why pour refined sugars and animal fats into your body when the consumption of such inappropriate fare results in heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer?


You have the ability to change this.

A life of health and healing are available to you with each meal.


The choice is yours.


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